Saturday, December 16, 2006

Owners' relatives are now the middleman supplier!

Solving the no-supplier problem

The word in the market is that many more suppliers have been avoiding doing business with Meda Inc Bhd and their associated companies, unless the terms are favourable such as cash on delivery or deposit + post-dated cheques upfront.

But Meda Inc Bhd's choices are getting less with each passing day. For some services, such as cooling tower repairs and maintenance, there are only those few big players. When these few suppliers hold back their services, shopping complexes and hotel operations can literally grind to a stop when the air-con system breaks down. Shoppers will run off, shops will refuse to pay their monthly maintenance charges and even sue Meda Inc Bhd for loss of revenue, and hotel guests will refuse to pay their bills even though the sauna is free.

You know what the Meda Inc Bhd owners are now doing to get around this no-supplier problem?

They're now getting their supplies through another company operated by their relatives!

Let's call this company Teoh Relative Sdn Bhd (TRSB). I will reveal the real name of this company in a later posting.

So, supposing Tak Mahu Lagi Sdn Bhd stopped supplying products to Meda Inc Bhd and Summit Hotel Subang USJ because of their infamous bad payment reputation, Teoh Relative Sdn Bhd steps in and source for those products, and then supplies these products to Meda Inc Bhd/Summit Hotel Subang USJ at inflated prices! Tak Mahu Lagi Sdn Bhd won't even know where the products end up, but most likely, they will be saddled with another bad debt from Teoh Relative Sdn Bhd.

My sources report that many of the products and services now being supplied to Meda Inc Bhd and/or Summit Hotel Subang USJ come solely from the owners' relative's company, whose actual business is nothing related to the products and services supplied.

Do Not follow standard procedure

What is even more interesting is that the normal standard procedure of open competitive bidding or tender is NOT being followed. This is against the legal requirements of procurement in a Bursa-listed company.

I can imagine the amount of profits this Teoh Relative Sdn Bhd will be making. I don't think the Teohs' relatives are the only ones benefiting from this profitable venture.

Isn't this a failure of directors' duties?

Isn't this an abuse of the owner-directors' position?

Isn't this an outright breach of trust?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Say "Welcome" to Meda Inc Bhd bosses & owners

Tension at Meda Inc Bhd corporate office

For the last one week, there's tension and excitement at Meda Inc Bhd corporate office.

Meda Inc Bhd group managing director Kenneth Teoh has been visiting this blog regularly. So is his brother Teoh Seng Aun. Even CEO OngBS, Datuk Hii (CEO of SEGi and managing director of EcoFirst) and Teoh's in-law VT have been checking out this blog, not to mention others from the group/hotel. I guess all of them would like to find out about the extent of their dirty laundry being aired in public. (But I will be fair, unlike some other people who hutang until mati).

The Teohs' relative, VT

Meda Inc Bhd insiders say Kenneth Teoh is hopping mad and on a "witch-hunt".

Kenneth Teoh should realise that all their dishonourable and unethical ways will come back to haunt him one day. While suppliers' options are limited by way of taking action against corporate bullies such as Meda Inc Bhd, there is now a new avenue of "citizen journalism". How long can Kenneth Teoh and his associates continue to hide behind their lawyers, draggy expensive law suits and nonsensical trumped-up allegations to avoid paying their suppliers? How long do they think they can continue to lie before they are found out? (I will write about this in another post).

My intention is not to defame anyone. Many of the corporate practices at Meda Inc Bhd may be found in other Bursa-listed companies, to a certain degree. But this one is among the worst of the worst. There are countless suppliers who became Meda Inc Bhd's victims. My company is one of them. It's my responsibility to my company because I ignored others' advice. I am also the victim because if they don't pay the bills, I cannot collect my commission to pay my father's hospital bills. Nevertheless, I try to be fair and even-handed in my comments.

I try to ensure my posts have factual basis. Since I demand credibility from Kenneth Teoh and Meda Inc Bhd, I have to do my best to uphold the credibility of my blog.

Who are those VIP gentlemen who have dropped in to view this blog in recent days?

For the curiosity of my readers, let me try to give a brief.

Teoh Seng Aun (TeohSA)
TeohSA is Kenneth Teoh's older second brother. According to sources, TeohSA is actually the driving force behind the Meda Inc Bhd group and associate PLCs - EcoFirst (formerly Kumpulan Emas), and SEGi. Previously they also owned very profitable engineering company Salcon Bhd, and furniture maker SYF Resources. Sources working close with the group say TeohSA is actually the one with the brains and business acumen. TeohSA has substantial shares in all of the brothers' companies in the group.

TeohSA is known to be very loyal to his subordinates. To the extent that he would even tolerate incompetence and even a bit of dirty fingers. Hence, in his power group, his people would serve him loyally for many years. Included in this group are CEO OngBS, and the in-law of the Teoh brothers VT. Let me say clearly that I'm not implying outright that these gentlemen are dirty-fingered or incompetent. However, I have to mention that VT, who was formerly running South City Plaza, was transferred to Summit Complex Subang USJ last year under a big group re-shuffling, but left shortly later under "awkward" circumstances. VT then went to work for Berjaya Group, but it lasted barely a few months. He was then brought back into the Meda Inc Bhd group by TeohSA. Blood is thicker than water. (VT is not the one holding up the payments, so I will avoid telling his tales).

Shouting match
During this time, there was a bitter political struggle among the brothers, especially between Kenneth Teoh and TeohSA who saw his power eroded with the loss of some of his strong kaki. It was so bad, in fact, that both brothers could be heard shouting and quarreling with each other in their corporate HQ at Menara Summit. Even the lowest ranking driver knows about this. This happened early this year.

One outstanding point that was told to me is that those working under TeohSA enjoyed much better salaries and perks than those working under Kenneth Teoh.

Datuk Patrick Teoh
Their eldest brother Datuk Patrick Teoh was an accountant who moved around with MCA people a lot. (I might decide to tell you all about a new "project" that they got from their connection with an MCA government minister). He has major shares in SEGi, EcoFirst Consolidated and Meda Inc Bhd. He was recently forced to step down from his chairman role in EcoFirst because of the huge losses the company suffered under his charge (at that time known as Kumpulan Emas Bhd). As deputy chairman with substantial shares in EcoFirst, people say he is still in control while the new chairman Tan Sri Dr Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim and new managing director Datuk Hii (CEO of SEGi) are just friendly parties acting as "front men" for the Teohs.

Chief Executive Officer OngBS is considered part of the TeohSA group, and has been there for many years. My insiders tell me that OngBS is "generally well-liked, respected but not assertive enough" in the face of corporate management issues with the Teoh brothers, but he is a rational, reasonable and a fair-minded man and a competent CEO. Such a CEO would be an asset to a messy and disreputable company such as Meda Inc Bhd because the owners would tend to be more rash and irrational in the way they do things as they are now guided more by their ego than any good business sense. For example, it's not good business sense to buy a BMW car for family use when cashflow is tight and their supportive suppliers are left unpaid, which caused a breakdown in Summit Hotel service to customers. Still, Kenneth Teoh did that.

BHTan is director sales & marketing for the Meda Inc Bhd group, and probably involved in all the other companies in which the Teoh brothers are involved in. BHTan may also have dropped in to see this blog, though I cannot be 100% sure.

Kenneth Teoh has no loyalties
Contrast TeohSA with Kenneth Teoh, who holds group managing director position in Meda Inc Bhd and who controls the hotel business. the latter runs his show like a kedai mamak - everyone of his managers work according to Kenneth's Teoh's moods. He has no long-serving loyal executives or directors under him.

His most recent executive director RC lasted no more than 2 years. RC, I hear, was an aggressive, results-oriented and demanding executive. To his credit, Summit Hotel did improve in terms of service and quality during his time. He became Kenneth Teoh's right-hand man when he proved that he was able to dramatically raise Summit Hotel's revenue and profit margins and drastically reduce operating costs. Hotel staff enjoyed the highest service points payout ever in their history (2004/2005). Kenneth Teoh removed his previous executive director RChung and promoted RC to that position. Where RChung was respected by his hotel staff, RC was feared. RC was reckless as he went about executing his boss's orders and stepped on many toes. Furthermore, reducing hotel costs meant suppressing workers' salaries and this weakened the support structure in the hotel service.

Earlier this year, Kenneth Teoh initiated another messy purge and pitted different teams against each other amidst rumours and allegations. In the intense politicking, senior hotel and mid-management staff left in droves. RC then left the group recently.

In the Summit Hotel Subang USJ, Kenneth Teoh now manages it through the team comprising hotel financial controller MC and resident manager RS, where previously it was executive director RC and a general manager HTC. What a clever way to slash costs. Without meaning to cast any doubts here on those 2 gentlemen's capabilities, now it's like running an international restaurant with just the head waiter and accounts manager. I wonder if mama lembu can still deliver good milk now?

Coming soon: Semantan Suites

The same operating mode is also happening at Semantan Suites at Semantan Avenue, where they hired someone whose qualification and experience is considered by industry standards as not on par with the demands and requirements in managing such a property. It won't be this gentleman's fault if he fails. Semantan Suites may just become another run-down property after the company has made its money.

What next?

Now, it's up to Kenneth Teoh to decide how this blog goes. What he is going to do about the monies they owe to suppliers? If he pays us suppliers, I would probably lose interest in continuing with this blog. However, everybody knows his bad reputation in this matter is a life-long bad habit.

In the meantime, my friends and I are preparing a thousand emails a week to be sent out to draw top corporate leaders' and businesses' attention to this blog. I have to learn a few tricks from Jeff Ooi on how to achieve 300,000 blog hits a month. lol

The Bursa and SC will also be included. Our Deputy PM should be keen to read this blog, too, since he made that speech about good corporate governance. If he is instrumental in successfully prosecuting a Bursa-listed company, he will look good and gain credibility which will help him alot in stepping into the PM post in future. It shows us Bolehsians and foreign investors that he means business, that he walk the talk.

DPM says good governance is critical to Bolehland.
To read this news article, click on it.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Pay for a BMW or pay suppliers?

Another ex Summit Hotel staff talks...

We met up with JJ last Saturday. JJ previously worked at Summit Hotel Subang USJ.

It's also Eve's birthday, so she belanja us to a delicious dinner at Hakka Restaurant at Jalan Kia Peng (KL), and then we went over to Jazz Bar for some good music. JJ joined us a short while later from his workplace just nearby. Hotel staff, especially middle managers, work long hours but he is happy where he is now. He also brought along 2 colleagues. JJ is a really fun guy, and he's doing very well at this hotel now. He is loyal to his friends and he introduces business leads to them. His boss is sending him for a short stint overseas to get international exposure.

After a while, they were feeling a bit uncomfortable with the attention showered on them by some GUYS. Those guys were not interested in any 4 of us leng loi (pretty gals)! So we went over to Maison club, next to Sheraton Imperial. JJ knows the people at Maison; he knows a lot of people in the club scene.

We then had supper at Jln Alor.

JJ said it's such a beautiful change of atmosphere working at his new place compared to the previous hotel. The present hotel is an international chain where management is professional and Board of Directors do not interfere unnecesarily. Here, there are clearly defined roles and responsibilities for top and middle management. Targets and directions are set in a clear and transparent way that allow management team to plan and execute strategies that achieve those targets without intervention or interruption. While cost management is critical in any hotel, it is not done so at the expense of service standard and long term business.

It was a totally different scenario at his previous hotel, he said. There, top management constantly overload the middle managers with more and more responsibilities until they can no longer function properly. They also don't get extra pay. Due to physical exhaustion, they had difficulty meeting expectations, yet they shoulder all the blame. Worse, they could be putting a lot of time and effort on trying to achieve certain aims, but often top management and the owner (Kenneth Teoh) would step in and change course like a zigzag driver. Sometimes, he didn't even know what they (middle managers) were supposed to do anymore. Top management & owner were shifting goalposts all the time. Often, they change their minds midway. He blames it on the owner who himself is not a trained professional hotelier. The only real concern on the owner's mind is costs, without an educated understanding of the relationship between cost and service standard, ultimately affecting the business.

There's a limit as to how much you can save without hurting the service quality. If you invest below the basic minimum, the service is simply not marketable because no customer will be willing to pay for it. Furthermore, JJ had much difficulty delivering on the standard of hotel service and keeping his customers happy because the owner was not paying suppliers, and suppliers then refused to deliver supplies. If the owner cannot understand something as simple as that, then the owner deserves to lose money, JJ said. (In other words, the owner made things even more difficult for hotel managers to do their jobs.)

Ironically, the hotel was not losing money at all. In fact, it was making money for the unappreciative owner. The hotel did have a hardworking management and marketing team, JJ conceded. (Note: The hotel management and the entire sales & marketing dept have now resigned.)

However, top management would deal with the cost problem by slashing staff salaries, which pleased the owner Kenneth Teoh. However, it became impossible for JJ to hire new staff of suitable skill level to replace those who left. To make up the numbers, he often had to hire those with no skills or poor attitude. A lot of time then had to be spent on training new staff on the job, leaving him with little time to actually manage. The time spent training would then be wasted when the new staff quit one week later for a better paying job in another hotel. This led to further drop in hotel service standards. It was an endless vicious cycle.

Yet, he was constantly being blamed for problems created that were beyond his control. He was made to bear the brunt of sloppy service. Sometimes, he could not even meet customer's orders because the ingredients/products ran out due to non-payment of supplies. His own salary was 20% below market, and his salary was not raised despite all his hard work and using his personal resources such as asking friends to do favours, to get things done for the hotel. It was like asking the poor people to help the rich get richer. (Work responsibilities raised but no corresponding pay increase).

There was a total lack of system and proper procedures. It was a confusing mess. The owner himself (Kenneth Teoh) would sidestep the reporting hierarchy and put some middle manager/dept head in a very awkward position of going against his immediate superior. JJ recognised that this management style only breeds resentment, confusion and politicking in the workplace. The whole system breaks down, mana ada productivity? (In other words, the owner actively encouraged managers to play the "Survivor" game - see my post in

JJ is glad he left Summit Hotel. It was a nightmare working there. He swore never to step into another hotel owned by a local "Chinaman" businessman, especially one like his previous hotel owner. There is a real reason why there are international hotel chains - professionalism. His former boss/owner think they could run a BMW business on a Wira budget.

JJ was visibly upset when remembering his time at Summit Hotel. The owner had no money to pay suppliers (causing supply interruption and creating unhappy customers) yet he bought a silver BMW-520 for his wife's personal use! In what way does the wife contribute to the hotel business, JJ asked?

Good question. Does this constitute abuse of company funds?

Readers should take note of this hotel before you apply for a job there - unless you are so desperate.

Note: At the moment, I can't verify whether the car was bought under the company or was it Kenneth Teoh's personal purchase. JJ says it was under Meda Inc Bhd. Either way, it's still a misallocation of resources. The owner should do the honourable thing of paying the suppliers first if he can afford to buy a BMW for his wife. The owner doesn't know his priorities. Our Deputy Prime Minister said something about good corporate governance the other day, right?


COVA VILLA : Who wants to live next to a stinking sewage pond?

This is a repost of my essay in the other blog "COVA VILLA AT KOTA DAMANSARA" (Use the link on the right to go there).

Cova Villa - Can you believe this developer?

Think. If you yourself cannot tahan the fragrant smell of sewage in the air, do you think the students from SEGi college will want to rent your apartment to stay there?

COVA VILLA is built right next to an oxidation pond. It will become dirty, smelly and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other horrible insects. Yuks. To maintain the value of your property, and to ensure you get tenants to stay there, the pond must be well maintained and kept clean. You have to pay through your nose for the maintenance, and the developer will have to be very good at maintaining the place. But will they? What's their track record like?

For your own good, please check on the background of the developer. Do they maintain and manage their properties well? Check up on Summit Shopping Complex at Subang USJ. Talk to the shop owners and tenants there. Check on South City Plaza at Seri Kembangan also. Other properties can be found on my "MEDA INC BHD" blog (the link is on the right).

The developer PHARMA EXEL SDN BHD and ANDAMAN GROUP SDN BHD both belong to the same owners of MEDA INC BHD. To find out more about them, go here --> and

Here are some quotes from the 12 December 2005 report in The Star titled "Assemblyman, council endorse builder's new proposal":

"Mokhtar said the place was in reality a secondary jungle with the lake being dirty as it was contaminated by the nearby IWK sewage treatment facility. The developer will be upgrading the drains around the area to prevent effluent from IWK to seep into the lake," he said.

Can you trust the developer? Have you checked their track record? Your condo investment will depend on whether the developer actually upgrades the drains to prevent effluent from IWK to seep into the lake. But what about the treament facility? The smell will be in the air every day and every hour. There are other similar properties with smelly ponds like this. They have all gone down in value.

You can click on the jpeg below to read the Star report.

The Star report

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Want to buy their properties? Think again!

Cova Villa, built next to an oxidation pond!

Meda Inc Bhd & sister companies are not only very bad paymasters but also lousy developers: More proof

You will be amazed at how many companies they are operating.

Usually, if a developer has built a good reputation in the market, they will continue using their proud name in all their projects. A recognisable name builds confidence in buyers and investors. This ensure that their projects are sold out quickly. A good name projects a good image and creates market support and goodwill. It's called branding.

Not for Meda Inc Bhd.

The three brothers Datuk Patrick Teoh, Teoh Seng Aun, and Kenneth Teoh Seng Kian are owners and shareholders in each others' companies. This way, they ensure their total control and power over all management decisions in all the three companies (Meda Inc Bhd, EcoFirst and SEGi). Not only three, but countless other subsidiary and private companies that they set up to handle projects within the Group.

My unhappiness is directed only at Meda Inc Bhd where Kenneth Teoh is the Group Managing Director. Summit Hotel Subang USJ is owned by Meda Inc Bhd, and managed by Kenneth Teoh's private company Summit Hotel Management, which recently changed name to Regalia Hospitality Management Sdn Bhd. (To hoodwink unsuspecting new suppliers?)

I do not see the need to conduct business under the disguise of 40 to 50 companies, unless it is all a sham to keep defrauding suppliers and contractors to "sponsor" and "finance" their projects and then run away without paying. Either the suppliers have to sue to get payment, which will incur a lot of legal costs, or die waiting, which means Meda Inc and their group of companies get to use products and services without paying.

Changing names to sell their projects and developments also clearly show they are aware their names stink in the market, both to buyers and suppliers.

Their latest project is at THE COVA/COVA VILLA, KOTA DAMANSARA. (See news here It is developed and marketed under ANDAMAN GROUP SDN BHD. All those faces you see in the report are just "front men" doing the work for their masters in the background. Yet, the legal developer is a company called PHARMA EXCEL SDN BHD (see this link Same address. Andaman Group Sdn Bhd is owned by SEGi, Meda Inc Bhd and EcoFirst Consolidated. There you are, all three brothers in there. Many people won't know. But maybe they do...

I came across this Malaysia Property forum, where you can read some comments from property buyers about Cova Villa and the developers. Go here: (see comments 11, 12, 13, 14, 16) and here

Every day, the Teoh brothers are devising new schemes and new companies to build, develop and market their projects under new companies, and unsuspecting buyers and suppliers are getting tricked into doing business with them. While some suppliers may get paid if their products and services are crritical, the rest of them will have to take legal action to recover their monies. Some of them may just fold up and MEDA INC BHD and their gang of companies will benefit - no need to pay. They never intended to pay anyway. They'll create all sorts of excuses to delay, to demand discount and to not pay.

And when you decide to sue them, you may only be suing a shell company with no assets or cash. The company may show a negative bottomline, and if you force them to liquidate, well, they'll just close it but you get nothing. The money is not in there anymore.

What are we dealing with here? A group of unscrupulous fraudsters and conmen masquerading as Bolehland's legal businessmen??

In my mirror blog, I have listed the companies that come under these 3 Teoh brothers. It's here: It's not complete because I know they keep creating new companies all the time to avoid bankruptcy to their listed companies, while sucking in money from buyers and products and services from suppliers through their private ones. I will keep updating it as long as I receive new info from readers and friends.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are the Meda Inc Bhd bosses/owners trying to shut me up?

Now I have their attention!

On 22nd Nov, I received the following 2 comments from someone who calls himself /herself "Inspector Gadget":

Comment (1) "Inspector Gadget: Evidence suggests that XXX and YY, the 2 most senior heads have abuse their power many times and the owners will not hesitate to take actions against them. Are you aware of that?"

Comment (2) "Inspector Gadget: I won't need your approval to bring the relevant people to justice. Rumours said that this MD's has a girl who drive a H@@@@ ZZ####. Are you aware of that?"

In the above comments, I have substituted the initials of the individuals with XXX and YY and the car number with ZZ#### because I do not wish for any unknowing people to be wrongly accused or drawn into this issue.

I sent the comments to some of my close friends and asked what they thought of them. I checked with one of my Meda friends and I was reminded who those initials are. Now I remember them.

Yes, it seems that Inspector Gadget is probably someone who works closely with the owners of Meda Inc. Inspector Gadget said "owners" so he probably have Kenneth Teoh and brothers Teoh Seng Aun and Datuk Patrick Teoh in mind as well. (His brothers names can be found on the website). Who knows, Inspector Gadget could be one of the brothers who may have received an email about this blog from someone.

From the tone of comment (1), it seems that Inspector Gadget assumes that this blog is somehow connected to XXX and YY, otherwise why bring up these 2 names? That he mentions the taking of action against XXX and YY by the owners, it sounds like a threat. Is Inspector Gadget trying to hint that action against XXX and YY will be taken......unless I stop telling you what you don't know about Meda Inc?

I think that's the message Inspector Gadget is trying to send. This is further strengthened in his comment (2) where he mentions an MD's girl driving a car with that number plate. I'm not sure what he's trying to tell me, almost everybody has a boy or a girl sometime. Is this something unusual? Why the car brand and license plate number? Is Inspector Gadget trying to tell me that he knows something about this MD (who??), and that he might want to use it against this MD? So, if this MD and the other 2 individuals are involved in this blog, then they must stop it or that correct?

Inspector Gadget is just trying his luck. He may do better at Genting than over here.

Inspector Gadget does not know that I don't need any senior heads or whatever for me to set up this blog and put in the exposes here. A lot of the stuff that I have written, and stuff that I intend to write in the future, are already known to many people in the market. I just need to gather the facts from them.

I don't think Inspector Gadget understands just how many people who have left Meda Inc have the important information and facts that I can use. I suggest he count them over the years. Inspector Gadget also does not realise that even those still working there are only there for their next pay day and they can't wait to get out when another job comes along. They are only too happy to keep me updated on what's going on!

It's time Inspector Gadget wakes up and BE AWARE that people may be taking your monthly gaji but they are ashamed to work for a company with a rotten reputation.

Suppliers and contractors meet on a daily basis and they often share information with each other, despite being competitors. Every supplier's top concern is whether this customer has a good or bad payment record. Even Meda Inc Bhd customers - the tenants - talk bad about the company on a daily basis. I was at a hair salon at Summit complex 3 weeks ago and the boss lady said she regretted buying the unit and cursed the complex management.

Frankly speaking, even "friends" of Kenneth Teoh whisper about Meda Inc's poor payment and try not to do anything for him in case they end up with bad debts. What more can you expect of others?

It seems that bad payment reputation is a specialty of Meda Inc Bhd since long time ago, as if the owners/bosses truly enjoy their bad reputation. Maybe you can do that to others, but not everyone will let you get away with it. You may hear about this in the very near future.

If Inspector Gadget's intention is to silence me, I would like to thank him for his comments but I will not be silenced. (Unless you have settled all the outstanding bills). My friends in the media are waiting for this blog to get more juicy before they pick it up and write about it. We Malaysians love such stories, don't we? Let's see what the owners will say when their shares drop to 5 sen. Let's see what they will say when all the banks pull back their credit lines. (Some credit lines have already been stopped). And let's see what they will say when SC starts investigating.

Inspector Gadget should go back to his owners and help to them to recall that they also check into Summit hotel with numerous China & Malaysian women on many occasions - not their wives, of course. Inspector Gadget, I really do not want to spill these out because it's not my intention to break up the owners' families, but you started it. Maybe I should give a more detailed account? These will be more interesting than a girl driving a car.

Inspector Gadget should also know that if employees didn't do things right, action have to be taken against them. Why were they not taken? Is it because the real fault lies at the top (Kenneth Teoh and his brothers)? Is it because the real truth is that those at the top are actually the ones with too much dirt on their own hands? I am pretty sure that whatever the employees did or did not do had the tacit agreement or knowledge or approval or instruction of the owners. If not, then the top bosses/owners should not be collecting their fat monthly salaries and director fees because they have failed their duties. More likely, I think the employees could be doing what the owners themselves have been doing. A thief is always suspicious of other people stealing from him. The top man must bear the most responsibility for whatever good or bad that happens in the company. That's why his salary is so fat, right?

Whatever "action" and "justice" Inspector Gadget talks about, these would probably be so insignificant compared to the fraud, falsifying accounts, tax evasion, failure of directors' duties, victimisation, criminal breach of trust, misuse of funds, corruption, bribery, mismanagement and a host of other major offences that might have been committed at the highest level.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Are you aware of that?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Reaction From Meda Inc Bhd!

It's getting more interesting

On 22 Nov, I received 2 comments. The tone and message of the comments sound like the sender works for the owners, and imply that they think they know who is helping with this blog.

I have decided to publish both comments with my response when I come back. I have to go to Nillai now and I will be back later tonight.

Anyway, I have the weekend to follow up on the posts. And to go through the emails that have come in offering more information to post on this blog. It will take a bit of time and effort as I want to ensure the accuracy of their information. I am thankful to all those who wrote in to show support. Don't worry, your email addresses will never be revealed - just between you and me, ok?

So, please come back later. There will be more, I assure you!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Did Ecstasy-pill disco in Summit complex Subang USJ belong to Meda Inc Bhd boss Kenneth Teoh??

The dadah connection? You figure out for yourself

For many years, a disco had been operating in the lower ground level of Summit shopping complex Subang USJ, until, I was told, the new Menteri Besar personally led the polis to close it down this year.

The name of the disco was called Magrave or something that sounds similar - I've never been there so I don't know how it is spelt, but I hear about it from - as you guess - the people in Meda Inc. It was located next to Songbird karaoke. Before that, it was also called Summit Dance Club.

This disco was a popular haunt for many young gals and guys from around the Subang Jaya area and beyond. On weekends, it was especially crowded. The ground level car park next to the disco was always jammed with cars.

It was also the place where youths could get their Ecstasy pills.

According to my sources, the disco was operated by people with powerful underground connections. It's ironical, even some local polis officers worked as security personnel in the disco at night, after their official duties in the day.

As my sources could not be very specific about certain details, I decided to do some research on this disco to give my readers a more factual account, if possible.

According to a forummer at community web portal ( ) the disco had been raided about 25 times!!

In May 2004, NST reported that in a raid on the disco, 50 people tested positive for dadah. Subsequently, numerous raids by Anti-Narcotics and polis netted many drug pushers and abusers. The Star on 8 May 2005 reported an early morning bust that tested 199 people positive for drugs and a substantial quantity of designer drugs seized. The NST reporting the same raid stated that 2 "owners" and a dirstibutor were also arrested. Bernama news on 1st Feb 2006 reported Subang Jaya CID Chief ASP Mohd Zakaria saying he was "puzzled" as to how the disco could remain open after it had been repeatedly found to flout licensing laws and was widely known for dadah distribution and consumption. He said he had already submitted the case to the local Council for action and enforcement.

You see, closing down the disco is the responsibility of the local Municipal Council. And the Meda Inc boss is close to the officials there. Many of Meda Inc's activties and that of Summit Hotel Subang USJ operations required clearance and licensing approval from the Council. It is well known in the company that money changed hands whenever such issues needed to be settled.

(In my earlier post about a Meda Inc technical manager who was asked to resign over a million-dollar contract in which equipment paid for were actually not delivered or installed. This was the man who acted as go-between for Meda Inc and the Council. No wonder he was paid several months' extra bonus to resign. Since his departure, another trusted aide have stepped in to handle these issues, someone who has boasted to many people that he was once a member of the polis force. This must be a very very profitable job, I'm sure.)

What does the disco have to do with Meda Inc boss Kenneth Teoh?? That's what I asked my contacts.

They told me, the disco operators could never get a licence from the authorities without backing and money from his big boss at Meda Inc. The disco operators had shady backgrounds, and were connected to possibly one of Malaysia's "Heavenly Kings". The disco was registered under some runners, not the real people who financed the operation. And these operators have been seen frequently together with Kenneth Teoh - at dinners, drinking sessions, pubbing, and partying And - my contacts said - Kenneth Teoh has a share in the profits from that disco. So, through his connections with the local enforcement authority, the disco was able to stay opened for years despite 25 raids, contributing to the drug problem among the local community while he laughed all the way to the bank.

Didn't he know that the disco just below his office is a distribution point for dadah? Did he or did he not enjoy a percentage of the profits from the disco? With at least 25 raids over the last 2 years, how could the shady operators possibly stay in business without his involvement and connections? Afterall, the disco is in his shopping complex, and the operators were his buddies!

If I could, I'd try to uncover the paper trail and have him put behind bars for a crime against community. But you know these things, there's no paper trail. Or maybe there is...

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meda Inc Bhd owes cleaning contractor RM200,000, resort to dirty tricks!

They make you do deliver first, after that they potong you

In my previous post, I mentioned the cleaning contractor who was brought in to quickly spruce up the Summit shopping complex, which they did a good job of it. (I know because I have seen the transformation myself).

The purpose at that time was to make the complex look good to draw in more tenants as the place looked like a slum especially on the upper levels. This would enable Meda Inc to demand a higher price for the property from potential buyers. (They were planning to sell it to raise cash to ease their cash flow problems, and they also needed money to keep their Kota Damansara project going).

This afternoon, I almost fell off my seat when a mutual friend told me over coffee that Meda Inc owed over RM200,000 to this contractor.

That's not all. Now, Meda Group MD Kenneth Teoh has sent his "operations manager" Wan to find faults with the contractor and the contract and is demanding a discount of almost 40% off the bill - after almost a year of work completed.

The contractor is outraged.

The thing is, if the contractor had truly not fulfilled their part of the contract, that would have come to light in the first few months of their doing the job. Why now???In fact, it was Meda who drew up the contract and stipulated the manpower requirements and job scope, and Meda had offered this contractor an extention of the contract after the initial 3 months.

It is so obvious to us all that Meda Inc is trying to create imagined complaints in order to get away with paying less for a job that has already been completed to satisfaction. This is their desperate move to force their suppliers and contractors to accept lower payments AFTER they have delivered.

What a stinking company.

Now, I get this uneasy feeling that soon they will come telling me that our products or services rendered were not up to scratch - almost a year after they have been delivered, rendered, used and consumed by Meda Inc and Summit Hotel Subang USJ.

Now I can empathise with that group of suppliers who kicked the door at Meda office the other day. I might have done worse.

Oh, I also hear that some big thing is going to happen at Meda Inc office soon. Just wait for it - it may be in the newspapers. And Meda Inc is going to be very badly affected.

Suppliers and contractors are not going let them get away with all this crap any longer. Over the years, there is now an army of very angry suppliers and contractors out there very furious with Kenneth Teoh.

Anyone out there, if you know of more bad experiences with Meda Inc or Summit Hotel Subang USJ, please email me or post them in the comments column. I hope to receive more information from all other suppliers and contractors who have been cheated by this Group. Of course, it must be as true and factual as possible, please. Thank you semua.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fortune Court, Cabana closing due to vey poor business, hotel manager tak boleh

< Cabana club
< Fortune Court chinese restaurant

Poor management skills

Fortune Court, the 4th floor chinese restaurant in Summit Hotel Subang USJ that serves good decor with good food is struggling with the drop in business barely 20 months after opening.

This restaurant even enjoyed a good review in the 6th May 2006 issue of The Star. You can read it here:

According to hotel insiders, the restaurant had been doing fine since its opening, until the middle of this year when their business began to falter. Now they can't even cover operating cost.

Cabana club, which opened only in October last year, is doing so badly but I am simply not surprised. There is word that Group MD Kenneth Teoh now wants to lease it out to his friends to operate as a girlie bar (yes, he will probably grease some state authority officials to tutp mata about the operation). There is also word that they are thinking of turning it into a Thai cafe.

On both outlets, it may be a coincidence, but there was a change of hotel management just before the middle of this year. I don't think it's a coincidence, from what I hear.

I heard that there were very ugly scenes of quarrels and political backstabbing in the offices. A new resident manager recruited by Kenneth Teoh was part of this scenario. Many key staff which include department heads in the F&B, sales, marketing, purchasing and front office resigned under very tensed and unhappy circumstances. Some of them said they were victimised and even harassed by the new hotel resident manager. Restaurant chef Ah Ken left shortly after the new resident manager took over from the general manager, who himself resigned shortly after resident manager joined the hotel.

This new hotel resident manager, I shall call him RS, is quite a hot-tempered and political guy.

When the former hotel general manager resigned, RS was quick to try to show off his colours. It is said that he made life so difficult for the former employees that they had no choice but to resign. RS then recruited newer people at lower salaries to replace those who left. He ordered cuts in purchasing costs, which resulted in a drop in the quality of ingredients used in restaurant food. The hotel also faced demands for cash payments from suppliers or else they would not deliver the orders. Beverage companies held back their beers and liquor because of unpaid bills.
RS tried very hard to please his employer Kenneth Teoh.

Hotel occupancy has dropped. Cabana, a nice place with friendly people and which has many regular customers from around Subang Jaya, was failing even before it could establish itself. The chinese restaurant was failing also. These must reflect poorly on the new hotel manager's ability to run the hotel outlets. He could not perform better for the hotel, but to be fair, it would be alright if he could just maintain it, he would have done a good job. Obviously he does not know how to market hotel outlets. This is a great pity, because I remember seeing a lot of marketing leaflets and promotional banners for the restaurant and the Cabana. My friends are among the regulars at these places. As a sales & marketeer myself, I know that it takes consistent effort and focus over a period of time to build up a strong customer base. They should not kill the outlets because these outlets do have good decor, good food and music, and they offer a distinct and attractive choice for the market. The fact that they are killing these outlets so soon is a sign that they don't know their business. They just don't know how to market their products.

My company has some bills with the hotel which they have not settled for almost a year. Their accounts department keeps saying "no cheque".

I am told that some suppliers for the chinese restaurant, Fortune Court, are still waiting to be paid. The contractors who did the renovation for Cabana, the sound system contractor, and the air-conditioning supplier are still waiting for their payments. The DJ has also not been paid. Drink suppliers are also very angry with the hotel for failing to pay their bills. At one point, Cabana staff even had to use cash to buy drinks and cigarettes from the shopping complex next door to sell to customers because their own stock at the bar ran out and suppliers refused to replenish. Even a former employee who left Cabana did not get his full salary.

Summit Hotel resident manager

The hotel resident manager RS is today still the hotel's resident manager, not yet a general manager. I don't think he will get his promotion. Group MD Kenneth Teoh is paying RS a resident manager's salary to perform as general manager. Either Kenneth Teoh thinks RS is not competent enough as GM, or he is simply abusing RS without RS realising it, or RS is simply too stupid to know that Kenneth Teoh is making a fool out of him.

Either way, the hotel is losing a lot of business. In my opinion, Kenneth Teoh is not competent enough to manage a Group business, much less a hotel. (I found out that he has an engineering degree from a UK uni, but then anybody with money can get a degree from kampung uni in UK even if he is not so bright). I don't think the hotel manager is can cut it either.

Shortly after he became the manager of the hotel, RS was alleged by some ladies (who used to work for Meda Inc) of some conduct not appropriate for his position. It happened in the hotel lounge Bar One. Group MD Kenneth Teoh knew about it, but he chose to cover it up.

I am wondering whether I should tell the whole story as related by the ladies, among whom is a lawyer.

Maybe I will....but if he settles our bills tomorrow I might tutup mulut.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yes, it's true, Meda Inc Group MD use false invoices

This is fraud!

My Nov 10th post titled "Top Management Use False Invoices" was based on an account by Lily, who previously worked in the Meda Inc corporate office. I will not mention which department, but you can guess how she could have access to such information.

Yesterday I was at a mamak stall when I met another former employee of the Meda group, "HC".

"HC" confirmed that false invoices had been used to pay out monies to indviduals in the company, as well as outside. Sometimes, the accounts people have no idea where the monies go to because of the need to maintain a veil of secrecy about the transaction, possibly to protect the recipients. And that Group MD Kenneth Teoh himself was an active participant in this questionable practice. He often gave instructions on how he wanted it done.

If I were a minority shareholder holding Meda Inc shares, I would definitely demand a full external audit and have all paid invoices checked and traced. The group has been around for more than five years, I'm sure there are a lot to uncover. Paper cannot cover fire.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Investors & minority shareholders unhappy about Teoh brothers

In my previous post I told about the name change from Kumpulan Emas to Eco First, and about how investors are unhappy about the Teoh brothers who together are involved in Eco First and Meda Inc, and whose mismanagement led to severe losses and finally the sellout of Salcon. They also lost a furniture making company but I didnt know about that until now.

Here is the newspaper report:

The Star Online: What’s in store for EcoFirst with new MD
The Star Online > Bizweek
Saturday February 25, 2006
What’s in store for EcoFirst with new MD
FOR a company whose market capitalisation has been more than halved since the start of last year, any major change usually brings hope to its minority shareholders. So it was for EcoFirst Consolidated Bhd when Datuk Clement Hii had recently bought a substantial stake and later became its group managing director. Hii's appointment on Jan 27 was part of a boardroom revamp that also included former academician Tan Sri Dr Syed Jalaludin Syed Salim taking over from Datuk Patrick Teoh Seng Foo as chairman. The latter is now the deputy chairman but retains his executive directorate. Before that, there was a name switch. This explains why, or some people, EcoFirst does not ring a bell.

The stock had been trading as Kumpulan Emas Bhd until Jan 20.
Seng Foo has been replaced as chairman of EcoFirst and is now now the deputy chairman.

However, the bigger changes at EcoFirst are still ahead. For one thing, the diversified group – it has interests in oil palm plantations, property, education and manufacturing – intends to venture into new fields. Biotechnology is one area.

The idea is to ride the government's push to build up the industry via the National Biotechnology Policy, which was unveiled last April. EcoFirst's immediate plan is to tie up with some Indian companies to produce herbal products for the domestic and foreign markets.

Says Hii, “The main thing is to focus on core businesses that will bring in money. The problem with EcoFirst is that it doesn't have a core business that generates a steady stream of income.”

This absence of sturdy anchor activities has led to losses in financial years 2004 and 2005. To make things worse, EcoFirst had to part with some valuable assets last year to lighten its debt burden. The disposals were done at depressed prices and resulted in EcoFirst relinquishing control of two listed companies, water engineering specialist Salcon Bhd and furniture manufacturer SYF Resources Bhd. It also reduced its stake in property player Meda Inc Bhd.
(Another listed company in the EcoFirst stable is education provider SEG International Bhd, or SEGi. EcoFirst has almost 26% equity interest in SEGi. Hii is also the chief executive officer of SEGi.)

At the start of 2005, EcoFirst (then still known as Kumpulan Emas) was trading at 27 sen. The shares are now just a little above the 10-sen mark. It's the kind of performance that frustrates shareholders, and there are many EcoFirst minority shareholders out there. It is a counter that has always had a strong retail following.

As at Dec 31, 86% of its share capital was in the hands of almost 36,000 shareholders. Its 30 largest shareholders accounted for only 34%.
Apart from Hii, the only substantial shareholders are Patrick and his brothers, Seng Kian and Seng Aun. The brothers' combined stake is about 12%.

New directions for EcoFirst
Since Hii only bought his 5% stake in November, the minority shareholders' displeasure was mainly aimed at the Teoh brothers. It is understood that this dissatisfaction bubbled to the surface at the company's annual general meeting on Dec 30, with shareholders demanding answers as to why the company has fared poorly. Such sentiments have also sparked speculation that the Teoh brothers are ready to leave the company. Says a corporate observer, “I think they're just tired of it all – the huge effort required to try to turn things around, and the growing criticism.”

Naturally, Hii's emergence as a substantial shareholder has stoked the rumour mill. He says he invested in EcoFirst because he believes that its diversified business base offers a lot of room for growth. He hints that he will increase his stake, either through acquisitions in the open market or via option agreements with the existing shareholders.

Hii says he invested in EcoFirst because he believes that its diversified business base offers a lot of room for growth. “In any case, EcoFirst has an attractive valuation, at the current market price. So, there is great upside potential. It's a matter of doing a few right things and putting a few things right,” he adds.

“There'll be a major revamp of our management systems and style, and we will pursue greater operational efficiency for our existing businesses. And we will aggressively pursue business developments in new fields.” He points out that there are many avenues to maximise the potential of the company's existing businesses. For example, the plantation division can be a major money-spinner because palm oil prices in India are higher due to the tariffs that shield the local industry. Subsidiary PalmTech India Ltd has a concession for contract farming with local landowners, who collectively own more than 280,000 hectares (ha). However, only 10,000 ha have been planted over the past five years. “To me, that shows not enough emphasis has been given to oil palm,” says Hii.

He adds that EcoFirst is talking to provincial governments in India to get new additional concession areas, not just for oil palm, but also to cultivate other cash crops and herbal plants (such as vanilla, aloe vera and jatropha, whose oil can be used to make biodiesel) for the export market. In addition, there are plans to transfer to Malaysia the expertise of the Indian biotechnology partners. EcoFirst has initiated discussions with Malaysian landowners on possible joint ventures for large-scale farming and processing of herbal products.

Are the Teoh brothers in or out?
Such plans may well be a reason for optimism, but some observers say investors are equally interested to know if the Teoh brothers will continue to be involved in EcoFirst.

When asked about the talk that they are exiting the company, Patrick says, “Who told you that? We are still substantial shareholders. We'll each have our role. Datuk Clement will run the company, while my role is more at the board level. “It's just like how it was at SEGi. We don't want to meddle in the operations of the company. It's a move towards separating the ownership from the management of the company. That's the way it should be. Look at Salcon, although there has been an ownership change, the management is still in place.”

Hii recognises that the negative perception about EcoFirst is linked to how people feel about the Teoh brothers' handling of the listed companies in the group. He, however, insists that in the four and a half years that he has run SEGi, the brothers have seldom interfered in management and operational matters. The question of whether the Teoh brothers will stay on at EcoFirst may become irrelevant if Hii stamps his mark at the company.

Those who know him from when he was appointed as SEGi CEO say he is decisive and hands-on. A former senior journalist, Hii had ventured into the education business and became the SEGi boss in 2001 after it had acquired his Kuching-based institute. “He is a fast learner, and at SEGi, he has picked up a lot about the corporate world. He's a good choice for EcoFirst,” says a CEO of a listed company who is familiar with the EcoFirst group.

There is the worry that Hii may be spreading himself thin by leading both EcoFirst and SEGi. He maintains that he can do well at both jobs, with the support of the management teams of both companies.

“I continue to be involved in SEGi because education is a personal passion as well as a professional pursuit. Over the past few years, my team and I have embarked on various ambitious projects to move SEGi forward. We are moving into new market segments and we are beginning to show results despite some initial setbacks.

“I am determined to ensure that these projects are realised and that they bear fruit in due course.” Another challenge is that Hii has to demonstrate that his strength is not just in education, and that he can run a diversified company.
He says, “I have been in business for over 20 years. I hope people see me as an entrepreneur, an enterprise builder. I believe that whatever business we're in, innovation is the key to success.”

In any case, it may not be a long wait to see if Hii has what it takes to restore confidence in EcoFirst. “I don't expect a long honeymoon for my management team and me. We have to add value to our current businesses and bring in new core businesses to generate a steady stream of revenue,” he adds. “We have to move fast. We give ourselves a maximum of two years to show some positive tangible results. But we should within a few months, and not a few years, make significant progress in developing new businesses.”

Click on the following links to read The Star report:
The Star Online: What’s in store for EcoFirst with new MD
ECOFIRS : [Stock Watch] [News]
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Meda Inc Group MD breaks his word again, and why?

Can you trust this guy?

Late last year at the Summit Subang USJ shopping complex, Fajar, an anchor tenant, was giving up and moving out. Many other tenants were teaming up and suing the complex management, and they refused to pay management fees and utility bills. The shopping complex was like an air-conditioned pasar malam - untidy, messy and many shops looked simply ugly. The building was badly maintained, its lifts often broke down, and there were so many empty lots it was like a ghost town. Cars were stolen in broad daylight. The crowds were not going there.

They were seriously facing cash flow problems at Group level. They also needed money to keep their Kota Damansara project afloat (which they placed under their private company called Casa Andaman Properties Sdn Bhd - don't we have any regulations regarding conflict of interest?)

After letting the Summit shopping complex rot for so many years, and ignoring the need to manage and promote it professionally for the tenants, Meda Inc Bhd decided to give it an urgent facelift which they hoped would attract new investors to buy the property. They were in a hurry to raise the cash.

They then brought in the Summit hotel management team to execute the plan.

The new team brought in a new cleaning contractor to give the place a new shine, and changed the security arrangements. They painted the basement car park and installed additional lamps to brighten the areas. Meda Inc could have done all these long time ago but they didn't do it - they were not competent enough. Besides, some long-term contract deals were handled by the Meda directors' relatives!

To be fair, the new (hotel management) team did make a big difference to the place within the few months of taking over.

By the way, I have met the new cleaning contractor - they, too, have not been paid even after they completed their six-month contract. The promises made by the new team to pay contractors promptly was not upheld by Kenneth Teoh.

(There seems to be a pattern here. As not many suppliers are keen to submit quotes to Meda Inc, Kenneth Teoh often asks his managers to bring in their contacts. These contacts often extend goodwill and favourable terms to Meda Inc because of these contacts, but in the end, most of them got played out by Kenneth Teoh.)

Kenneth Teoh decided to call a tender to upgrade or change a new car park system at the complex. Two suppliers were eventually shortlisted and asked to give presentations in the presence of Kenneth Teoh and his brother Dato' Patrick Teoh. Kenneth Teoh personally negotiated for the lowest price from a supplier, and the award finally went to a company which I will call STech. The Purchase Order was then issued to STech. I was told, its final total price was way below RM700,000 - the best price among all the bidders.

But STech could never get started on their installation work which was to have begun in December.

Meda Inc had hired a new operations manager by the name of Wan. In the many months following that P.O., STech was given the run-around by Wan who kept postponing the installation dates and delaying the payment of the required deposit. Meanwhile, STech was keeping all those equipment ready in their warehouse. They even paid a deposit to their installation subcontractor.

Six months later, while STech was still waiting for clearance to start installation, Kenneth Teoh sourced for another supplier.

STech made numerous attempts to meet again with Kenneth Teoh, but he declined. He did not even have the decency to face his supplier to try to settle the matter amicably. No apology, no explanation.

Kenneth Teoh then brazenly awarded the car park equipment contract to another supplier which I shall name ScanP. The total price of the equipment? Over RM700,000. It was almost RM100,000 more than the first supplier.

All this while, Meda Inc Bhd was under severe financial strain and cash flow pressure, and unable to pay its hardworking, reliable and patient suppliers. Yet, Kenneth Teoh would splurge almost an extra RM100,000 on a new car parking system.

Two questions arise from this incident:

1. What is his integrity worth? Can anyone trust that his signature on an agreement is binding?

2. Why would Kenneth Teoh want to spend almost an extra RM100,000 more for a car park system, especially since they are tight for cash. What is there to gain from doing this? What's the purpose of this whole exercise? What was his motive?

For question (2), I think we can safely guess where the surplus money go to.

Some of his personal friends who hang out with him told a management staff that Kenneth Teoh is the kind of man who makes an agreement with you today and breaks his contract the next day.

Lesson to learn: You can't trust Kenneth Teoh and his promises. You can't do business with Meda Inc.

My dad is in hospital, I need money to pay medical bills

My dad is in hospital again.

I am hoping to collect the commission from my sales to pay for his medical bills. I work bloody hard for my money the honest way.

I have to go now. But I don't know where to get the money to pay his hospital bills.

The big bosses at Meda Inc Bhd are getting richer by robbing the poor. Something very drastic must be done about them.

When I come back, I'll tell you about the deal where Kenneth Teoh signed the purchase agreement and then backed out. This is one businessman you really really cannot trust.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walking The Talk On Integrity

The Sunday issue (12 Nov 2006) of Sunday Star featured an article titled "Walking The Talk On Integrity".

Good timing.

This blog is largely about the integrity - the lack of integrity - of corporate people, namely the big shots at the publicly-listed Meda Inc Bhd.

So far, it's about Meda Inc because it's got one of the worst reputations. It's about Meda Inc, and Summit Hotel Subang USJ, because they promised my company prompt and hassle-free payment before we delivered our products and services. After that, they go back on their word.

In the article, Mustafar Ali, deputy president of Malaysian Institute of Integrity, talks about the need for integrity in our way of life. He talks about integrity in the police force, in government service, and among politicians.

Talking about politicians. Do you know that the eldest brother of Meda Inc Group MD Kenneth Teoh is Datuk Patrick Teoh? Datuk Patrick Teoh rubs shoulders with MCA politicians, I am told. Very often, the Summit Hotel Subang USJ have hosted functions and events with MCA bigshots. Is it because of their strong connection with MCA - being part of BN - that people such as Group Managing Director Kenneth Teoh freely indulge in questionable corporate activities, fraudulent deals and unethical practices without fear of prosecution? Don't tell me the MCA people are not aware of Meda Inc Bhd's poor reputation. Next time I will vote DAP, I promise you. It may not be MCA's fault, but they are also guilty by association. We need politicians of higher calibre and moral standards to run this country. Malaysia Boleh!

I have a suggestion for Mustafa Ali: for the next National Integrity Day, aim for Corporate Integrity, especially among PLCs. PLCs depend on public subscription of their shares to fund their business operations. But PLCs such as Meda Inc Bhd is abusing the system for their owners' gains at the expense of their shareholders and stakeholders. If possible, implement a ranking system for all PLCs on their integrity and payment track record for the public to see. This should be very effective in discouraging abuses and malpractices among PLCs. It is harsh but necessary, because you are dealing with cunning crooks here.

The creation of wealth starts with the corporation. Dirty corporations cheat small suppliers. Dirty corporations pay corrupt polticians to push their policies that benefit these corporations. Dirty corporations get away with breaking company laws because they have the money to pay corrupt officials. Dirty corporations use their money (belonging to suppliers!) to drag and delay expensive court cases until plaintiffs who dont have the financial muscle give up pursuing their lawsuits. Dirty corporations are the source of all corruption. Dirty chiefs of corporations are evil and must be jailed for a long long time so that they cannot corrupt and harm society. Dirty chiefs of corporations such as Meda Inc's Group MD damage Malaysia's international image.

Here is the article, in case you didn't read it. To download it to your computer, right click and select "Save Target As".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Tenant Is Suing Meda Group MD Kenneth Teoh

Sue him!

In my Friday 6th November post, I mentioned that Meda Inc is busy dealing with a string of lawsuits from tenants.

On their website, you will find their Summit complex (now they call it The Summit Subang USJ) newsletter which claims that they are 95% tenanted.

As I tell more of my friends about my blog, my friends' friends are stepping forward to offer their information to post on my blog.

I just met with someone yesterday in Shah Alam, another ex-Meda Inc management staff.

He tells me that a new tenant, an IT Zone tenant which took up quite a big space in the complex, is now suing the Group MD Kenneth Teoh for breach of promise / failure to deliver on his promises.

What is interesting is that this tenant, which set up shop only end of last year, is taking Group MD Kenneth Teoh to court in his personal capacity. The dispute is over the promises that the Group MD himself made to the new tenant during the negotiation stage which he did not fulfill.

This may not be the only story about the Group MD's integrity, or his lack of it.

I was also told he went back on his word even after he had signed contractual agreements and purchase orders. I will tell you about this other incident in my next post.

Friday, November 10, 2006

They will let Meda Inc Bhd sink. Many suppliers are suing them.

They are planning to dump Meda Inc...after ripping it off

A few more minutes and I will be leaving the office.

Azmi called to say our gang is meeting up in Sri Hartamas. He knows how ***king pissed off I am with the Meda Inc for not settling our invoices for so long. He has close friends who often meet up with people who work in Meda or one of the other companies.

Insiders say the owners are planning to let Meda Inc run down. It has very poor reputation which they lack the ability to salvage. Generally investors are also not keen on this counter. They may be running out of suppliers and contractors to "cheat". They are feeling the burden.

Azmi said they are putting their efforts and money - funds from Meda Inc, and money due to suppliers - into developing a very big project in Kota Damansara. This project will include condos, shopping malls, university, houses and so on, approx RM800 million worth.

But, surprise surprise, it is not a Meda Inc project.

This project is placed under another private company which the Teohs have set up, called Casa Andaman Properties Sdn Bhd. That's where the money is being pumped into.

On the 18th floor of their office block Menara Summit, you can see a lavishly decorated Casa Andaman Properties Sdn Bhd office. That's how they are using some of your (investors) money and my company's money which they owe us.

These people have failed their directors' duties. They collect their generous monthly salaries and bonuses from Meda Inc, but they place good and profitable projects under their own personal private companies. So, what have the owners and directors done for the good of the company??

Very soon they will dump Meda Inc. Then they will list Casa Andaman on the Bursa. Different company but the same crooks. (see below)

Azmi said he is sure they are using Meda money to finance the project. Many banks have pulled back their credit lines from Meda Inc because of their poor financial conduct.

As I said in an earlier post, Meda can be considered a bankrupt company.

Inside informants told Azmi that Meda Inc is busy facing a lot of lawsuits - from suppliers, contractors, tenants and customers.

Now I am really worried. They have not settled our invoices amounting to more than RM50,000. We are not a big company, how can we absorb such a heavy loss if they really sink? And my little bit of commission is in there, too!

Same thing at Kumpulan Emas

South City Plaza at Seri Kembangan

Early this year, Kumpulan Emas which operates South City Plaza and is also owned by the same people, changed its name to Eco First. When the reputation gets worse, they abandon the company or change its name. It had been badly managed and lost hundreds of millions of ringgit. (I think it's more likely that the money went somewhere else. How else did they get development rights for Kota Damansara, which is a very big project costing almost RM800 million?) In a report in The Star dated 25 Feb 2006, the Teoh brothers had sold down their stake to only 12%. By then, they have already sucked the company dry. Meda Inc may be the next victim.

Meda Inc Top Management Use False Invoices

My boss is in a very bad mood today. Cash flow is very tight. He sounds quite impatient. I called Meda Inc accounts dept again. No payment.

Last night I was having a few drinks with my friends in PJ. I bumped into Lily who used to work for that notorious company and we talked.

I heard something that did not surprise me. I know it is not uncommon, but the extent of it shocked me.

The big bosses of Meda Inc actually used false invoices to pay themselves and some of their senior managers, over and above their usual salary paychecks. The invoices would be for the purchase of some products such as T-shirts and some other items, but actually no such purchases took place. Many tens of thousands of ringgits have changed hands. She said she thinks it could run into hundreds of thousands but she could not be sure. She mentioned that even the Group MD Kenneth Teoh has been doing it. When the boss says to pay the bill, who dare to ask questions?

Meda Inc Board of Directors. Group MD Kenneth Teo is the one with the red circle.

I wonder whether those senior managers who signed the receipt vouchers did actually collect the money or did all of it go straight to the Group MD's pocket.

Their internal auditors are drawing salaries from the same bosses, so they are useless to control the abuse and fraudulent activities.

If the top people are rotten, then the people at the bottom would be the same.

Lily also mentioned that a senior technical manager with the Meda Inc group who worked there for many years was asked to leave after it was discovered that a maintenance contract that was worth RM1 million over several years had severe irregularities.

This was discovered after the hotel manager called in an independent consultant to inspect the equipment as the equipment kept breaking down despite frequent repairs over a year, which led to many customer complaints.

The independent consultants found that some expensive equipment parts that should have been supplied and installed at Summit complex and Summit hotel were missing. These parts were important to the smooth functioning of the equipment system. Anyway, the technical manager had approved and expedited the payment. What she heard was that this manager had a share in the equipment supply & servicing company.

I could not believe it when she told me that the sacked technical manager was offered four or five months lump sum salary to resign. Maybe this guy knows too much about the unscrupulous and corrupt dealings of the owners. The extra generous "bonus" was probably given to him to keep his mouth shut.

In my post yesterday, I had mentioned that the owners and board-directors themselves have been creating companies outside Meda Inc to secure the supply of equipment and service contracts to Meda. The top bosses themselves are doing all these nonsense, what to expect of the lower level?

** [The hotel manager referred to in this post resigned on their own accord from the Summit Hotel Subang USJ shortly after that. A new hotel manager by the name of Mr R.S. then took over. I will have something to write about this Mr R.S. later.]

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This Is Criminal Breach Of Trust!

The Summit shopping complex is managed by a Meda-owned company called Meda Complex Management Sdn Bhd. Meda Complex Management Sdn Bhd (MCM) is in a major legal battle with the tenants & shop owners in the complex. MCM is suing the tenants and shop owners for not paying for utilities and other fees for many years. The tenants and shop owners then formed an association to challenge MCM for mismanagement and failure to deliver on their promises. The amount involved is close to RM1 million.

Besides mismanagement and failure to promote, one of the major complaints against MCM was that MCM created so many little stalls in the open spaces to fill up the lower 2 levels to increase their revenue. But these little stalls turned the shopping complex into an indoor pasar malam, and ate into the business of the shopowners and their tenants. Business for the shopowners and tenants were already bad since it opened. The little stalls made it worse. At the same time MCM did little to attract customers to the complex. Frequent robberies, snatch thieves and cars stolen in the car parks created a very bad name for the place.

There was a major restructuring in MCM recently. It could be because they were prepared to lose the legal case.

The Meda Inc owners created 2 new supply companies to provide services to MCM. One was called "Superforce Security". The other one is a labour contracting company.

Superforce Secuirty was to be headed by MCM's former general manager & director Mr Kong.

The plan was for Superforce and the labour company to provide services to MCM at grossly inflated prices so that big profits will be retained at these two private companies while MCM is left to become financially crippled. For example, XXX Security offer their services to Superforce at RM5 an hour. Superforce will quote MCM the same service at RM12 an hour. False quotations will be submitted to MCM to create the illusion of an open tender. No other company will have a chance of getting the deal except through Superforce. The labour supply company provides all sorts of cleaners, guards, etc for Superforce and MCM. This scheme applies to all other properties owned and managed by Meda.

With this scheme, the Meda owners are able to bleed the main company that are supported by public funds. The losers are the public shareholders and suppliers. The winners are the owners as they pocket the profits on the side. Many of the shareholders and directors of these subsidiary companies are actually proxys for the Meda owners. Meda Inc is a Bursa company with a web of smaller subsidiaries, whose shareholders and directors (mostly) are merely lending their names to the owners. Even the chauffeur of the owner has his name in some of the companies. Many of these companies are not officially listed as Meda Inc subsidiaries. This is how they suck out the money into the Meda owners' pockets. That is how suppliers and contractors are cheated.

This scheme applies to all other properties owned and managed by Meda, such as Summit Bukit Mertajam (under another Meda company ZKP), South City Plaza (owned by Kumpulan Emas* but they are the same people) etc. A lot of RM to siphon out into their pockets.

If the association of shopowners and tenants in Summit complex win the law suit against MCM, MCM may claim that they have no money to pay damages. MCM also owes a lot of money to other suppliers and contractors. They owed almost RM1 million to TNB. Recently they had to pull funds from the other companies in the group to pay the bill when the TNB technicians went to the complex and threatened to cut off the electricity.

It seems to me that the owners are deliberately getting their main companies into heavy debt, but they are making million-ringgit profits on the side. As Group Managing Directors and holding directorships in so many companies within the group, they are still receiving their multiple fat paychecks every month.

It is sickening to see these type of fraudulent acts and criminal breach of trust committed by these unscrupulous people.

If Pak Lah is serious about cleaning up corruption, he should start dealing with corporate malpractices, corporate fraud and corporate CBT first. This will start a culture change. It is good for our country. It's probably easier than dealing with his UMNO colleagues. Malaysia Boleh.

(Footnote: The Summit complex has now removed all the little stalls and booths to make the place look better. According to my sources, this was part of their scheme to attract a new anchor tenant because Fajar has moved out in December last year. Early this year, the owners tried to spruce up the place so that they can fetch a higher price for their property as they wanted to sell it off to potential investors. But they want to retain management of the complex through MCM. As you can see, it's very profitable to be a "management company" for your property. But as far as I know, they could not convince anyone to buy it at their asking price. I heard that even EPF was considering buying it. But the deal fell through. Maybe the amount of kickback the owners offered was not enough for the officials to blind them to the low property valuation.)

[*Kumpulan Emas lost so much money that small shareholders forced the chairman Dato' Patrick Teoh who is Meda Inc Group MD Kenneth Teoh's eldest brother, to give up his chairman post and become vice-chairman. He is replaced by Dato' Hii of SEGi. But they are all part of the whole gang of companies. (I am not saying Datuk Hii is like them. I have not heard anything about Dato' Hii, who is doing a good job with SEGi)].

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Summit Hotel Subang USJ transfers out RM500,000 every month

Had dinner with some ex-staff of Meda, some of them who worked closely with the management.

I think all suppliers of Summit Hotel Subang USJ have no hope of collecting their monies. Same for Meda Complex but I will talk about that in another post.

I am told that every month, RM500,000.00 must be transferred out of the hotel's account and deposited into the Meda head office account. This is regardless of the hotel's cash flow situation. If the hotel's occupancy is poor and their F&B revenue is low, that's too bad.

Every month, the accounts dept there work like crazy to get the money for Meda h.o. They leave enough just to pay the salaries of the hotel staff. On some months, they don't even have enough to transfer over to Meda h.o. but they must still find a way - don't pay contractors and suppliers.

Some suppliers and contractors demanding payment have been told bluntly that hotel has no money. Sometimes, they are told the cheques are ready, but cannot collect yet, because there's not enough money in the bank.

This has been going on for the past few years.

What's more fishy is that, after the money has been transferred to Meda h.o., it is again immediately transferred out to unknown bank accounts that have nothing to do with the hotel or the Meda group. The management staff have no idea where the money is siphoned out to. They can only speak quietly to some close friends and colleagues about their doubts. I guess only the Group MD Mr Kenneth Teoh will know, because he is the one who gave the order.

While so many suppliers and contractors are suffering from this company's bad payment record, the directors are making it look like they have no money when actually they do have it. What they have done with the money is a mystery.

In fact, many middle-management are fed up with the owners. Because more and more suppliers are avoiding the hotel and the Meda group, middle-managers often have to call in their personal friends to "help out". The hotel may stop functioning if they can't get in supplies or works done. But after the works are completed and supplies delivered, chasing after payment becomes a big headache.

Even the ex-staff who knew about all this is cursing them. Those still working there are dying to get out. They are just waiting for other job opportunities. Anyway, might as well not work there because their pay is way below market rate. It's bad for your own reputation.

More news to come.

Summit Hotel Subang USJ Fail To Pay Suppliers. Suppliers demand cash on delivery only.

Just went to Summit Hotel Subang USJ to check about payment. It's a waste of time. No payment.

Met some people I know. We had teh tarik and nasi lemak, and our conversation veered toward the hotel.

Summit Hotel Subang USJ is in very bad shape.

Suppliers have stopped supplying to the hotel because of many outstanding invoices. Important supplies such as food stuff and beverages have to be paid in cash, otherwise the supplies will not be delivered.

I remember not long ago, a bar manager told me that the hotel even ran out of beer at their pubs because they owed too much money to the beer suppliers. The waiter in the cafe told me some items on their menu are not available, because the ingredients are out of stock. The hotel failed to pay them.

I also met Frank, my former manager and ex-colleague, who just had lunch in the chinese restaurant. The fish was not fresh, the quality has dropped. According to Frank, the chef called Ah Ken (I never met him before) was a very good chef, very friendly to his customers, and the food was very good. But Ah Ken has left. The hotel has been cutting back on costs, buying frozen fish and cheaper ingredients. So the food standard has dropped drastically. This shows the quality (or lack of) of the management that they hire to run the hotel. Cutting back on this type of costs will surely make them lose more customers. Customers go there to eat their delicious food, not to look at the tablecloth. I think maybe they hired frozen brains to run this hotel.

I have more news for you in my next post.

Update on 10th Nov:
Just heard that the chinese restaurant (Fortune Court) which used to generate revenues of RM90K until early this year, is recently only collecting no more than RM30K per month. It may be a coincidence but recently they hired a new hotel manager to run the hotel. Heard that there were massive resignations of key staff when the new fellow took over. That's what happens when you hire a frozen brain to manage your company. The biggest frozen brain must be the owner who is also MD of the group.

Creditors kick down door at Meda Inc Bhd office

Recently, a group of men went to Meda office to demand payment of their overdue bills. The amount owed was quite substantial and it was outstanding for a very long time.

The creditors were already so angry at being denied their payment for no reason. But when they were there, nobody in the office bothered to deal with them properly. The managers responsible were avoiding them. They became even more furious.

They created a very big scene there. They kicked down the office door. The staff were quite afraid, but there was nothing they could do because they are not the ones signing the cheques. The one siging the cheques is the Group Managing Director, Mr Kenneth Teoh. But of course, Mr Kenneth Teoh did not have guts to face the creditors. He was hiding in his office on another floor.

Wah! Big multi-million ringgit corporation with property developments of RM250MILLION , RM600MILLION, with vision, developing new townships, owning hotels and shopping complex all over Malaysia, got their accounts office door kicked down by creditors!!! So malu!!! Mr Kenneth Teoh is still driving around in his black BMW 7 series, but cannot afford to pay his suppliers. So malu!!!

I don't blame the creditors for showing their anger. Many of them are small business people who depend on customers' prompt payments to settle their own business and family bills. When customers like Meda Inc don't pay, these suppliers' get into trouble with their own suppliers. When they go home, they may find that Tenaga already cut their electricity.

Meda Inc already have such a bad reputation in the market since many years ago. Actually, Meda Inc is almost a bankrupt company sustaining mainly on suppliers' money. According to their financial reports ( you can read the unaudited reports here, the company is making money on some years. But what have they done to the money?

My contacts in the company say they don't have enough money in the bank. I believe the owners/directors of the company are using the money for some other unacceptable deals, which is illegal, and is against the law of directors' duties. I don't think minority shareholders will be very happy if they find out about this.

I heard that Mr Kenneth Teoh, the Group Managing Director and one of the major shareholders of Meda Inc, lost very heavily in the stock market recently. I'm not sure what happened. I checked with some of my friends, nobody can remember whether there was a sudden market crash recently.

So, what have they done to the money if Meda Inc is making profits? I don't believe their financial reports are accurate, as it has not been audited by an external auditor. They were forced to sell all their shares in Salcon Berhad, which I was told has been doing very well all along, to pay off their huge debts. What have they done with the money?

Is it because the directors used Meda funds to play around outside until all the money is lost and gone? Is that legal? Can someone please investigate and charge them for wrongdoing, please?

They should pay off all their suppliers if they want to have good reputation. It's bad karma for them to do business like that. One angry supplier will tell 200 others, who will tell another few hundred more. These people are also potential customers of the Meda Inc. Really, the people running Meda Inc are not fit to run the company because they don't understand this principle.