Thursday, November 23, 2006

Did Ecstasy-pill disco in Summit complex Subang USJ belong to Meda Inc Bhd boss Kenneth Teoh??

The dadah connection? You figure out for yourself

For many years, a disco had been operating in the lower ground level of Summit shopping complex Subang USJ, until, I was told, the new Menteri Besar personally led the polis to close it down this year.

The name of the disco was called Magrave or something that sounds similar - I've never been there so I don't know how it is spelt, but I hear about it from - as you guess - the people in Meda Inc. It was located next to Songbird karaoke. Before that, it was also called Summit Dance Club.

This disco was a popular haunt for many young gals and guys from around the Subang Jaya area and beyond. On weekends, it was especially crowded. The ground level car park next to the disco was always jammed with cars.

It was also the place where youths could get their Ecstasy pills.

According to my sources, the disco was operated by people with powerful underground connections. It's ironical, even some local polis officers worked as security personnel in the disco at night, after their official duties in the day.

As my sources could not be very specific about certain details, I decided to do some research on this disco to give my readers a more factual account, if possible.

According to a forummer at community web portal ( ) the disco had been raided about 25 times!!

In May 2004, NST reported that in a raid on the disco, 50 people tested positive for dadah. Subsequently, numerous raids by Anti-Narcotics and polis netted many drug pushers and abusers. The Star on 8 May 2005 reported an early morning bust that tested 199 people positive for drugs and a substantial quantity of designer drugs seized. The NST reporting the same raid stated that 2 "owners" and a dirstibutor were also arrested. Bernama news on 1st Feb 2006 reported Subang Jaya CID Chief ASP Mohd Zakaria saying he was "puzzled" as to how the disco could remain open after it had been repeatedly found to flout licensing laws and was widely known for dadah distribution and consumption. He said he had already submitted the case to the local Council for action and enforcement.

You see, closing down the disco is the responsibility of the local Municipal Council. And the Meda Inc boss is close to the officials there. Many of Meda Inc's activties and that of Summit Hotel Subang USJ operations required clearance and licensing approval from the Council. It is well known in the company that money changed hands whenever such issues needed to be settled.

(In my earlier post about a Meda Inc technical manager who was asked to resign over a million-dollar contract in which equipment paid for were actually not delivered or installed. This was the man who acted as go-between for Meda Inc and the Council. No wonder he was paid several months' extra bonus to resign. Since his departure, another trusted aide have stepped in to handle these issues, someone who has boasted to many people that he was once a member of the polis force. This must be a very very profitable job, I'm sure.)

What does the disco have to do with Meda Inc boss Kenneth Teoh?? That's what I asked my contacts.

They told me, the disco operators could never get a licence from the authorities without backing and money from his big boss at Meda Inc. The disco operators had shady backgrounds, and were connected to possibly one of Malaysia's "Heavenly Kings". The disco was registered under some runners, not the real people who financed the operation. And these operators have been seen frequently together with Kenneth Teoh - at dinners, drinking sessions, pubbing, and partying And - my contacts said - Kenneth Teoh has a share in the profits from that disco. So, through his connections with the local enforcement authority, the disco was able to stay opened for years despite 25 raids, contributing to the drug problem among the local community while he laughed all the way to the bank.

Didn't he know that the disco just below his office is a distribution point for dadah? Did he or did he not enjoy a percentage of the profits from the disco? With at least 25 raids over the last 2 years, how could the shady operators possibly stay in business without his involvement and connections? Afterall, the disco is in his shopping complex, and the operators were his buddies!

If I could, I'd try to uncover the paper trail and have him put behind bars for a crime against community. But you know these things, there's no paper trail. Or maybe there is...

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