Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Tenant Is Suing Meda Group MD Kenneth Teoh

Sue him!

In my Friday 6th November post, I mentioned that Meda Inc is busy dealing with a string of lawsuits from tenants.

On their website, you will find their Summit complex (now they call it The Summit Subang USJ) newsletter which claims that they are 95% tenanted.

As I tell more of my friends about my blog, my friends' friends are stepping forward to offer their information to post on my blog.

I just met with someone yesterday in Shah Alam, another ex-Meda Inc management staff.

He tells me that a new tenant, an IT Zone tenant which took up quite a big space in the complex, is now suing the Group MD Kenneth Teoh for breach of promise / failure to deliver on his promises.

What is interesting is that this tenant, which set up shop only end of last year, is taking Group MD Kenneth Teoh to court in his personal capacity. The dispute is over the promises that the Group MD himself made to the new tenant during the negotiation stage which he did not fulfill.

This may not be the only story about the Group MD's integrity, or his lack of it.

I was also told he went back on his word even after he had signed contractual agreements and purchase orders. I will tell you about this other incident in my next post.

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