Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Meda Inc Bhd owes cleaning contractor RM200,000, resort to dirty tricks!

They make you do deliver first, after that they potong you

In my previous post, I mentioned the cleaning contractor who was brought in to quickly spruce up the Summit shopping complex, which they did a good job of it. (I know because I have seen the transformation myself).

The purpose at that time was to make the complex look good to draw in more tenants as the place looked like a slum especially on the upper levels. This would enable Meda Inc to demand a higher price for the property from potential buyers. (They were planning to sell it to raise cash to ease their cash flow problems, and they also needed money to keep their Kota Damansara project going).

This afternoon, I almost fell off my seat when a mutual friend told me over coffee that Meda Inc owed over RM200,000 to this contractor.

That's not all. Now, Meda Group MD Kenneth Teoh has sent his "operations manager" Wan to find faults with the contractor and the contract and is demanding a discount of almost 40% off the bill - after almost a year of work completed.

The contractor is outraged.

The thing is, if the contractor had truly not fulfilled their part of the contract, that would have come to light in the first few months of their doing the job. Why now???In fact, it was Meda who drew up the contract and stipulated the manpower requirements and job scope, and Meda had offered this contractor an extention of the contract after the initial 3 months.

It is so obvious to us all that Meda Inc is trying to create imagined complaints in order to get away with paying less for a job that has already been completed to satisfaction. This is their desperate move to force their suppliers and contractors to accept lower payments AFTER they have delivered.

What a stinking company.

Now, I get this uneasy feeling that soon they will come telling me that our products or services rendered were not up to scratch - almost a year after they have been delivered, rendered, used and consumed by Meda Inc and Summit Hotel Subang USJ.

Now I can empathise with that group of suppliers who kicked the door at Meda office the other day. I might have done worse.

Oh, I also hear that some big thing is going to happen at Meda Inc office soon. Just wait for it - it may be in the newspapers. And Meda Inc is going to be very badly affected.

Suppliers and contractors are not going let them get away with all this crap any longer. Over the years, there is now an army of very angry suppliers and contractors out there very furious with Kenneth Teoh.

Anyone out there, if you know of more bad experiences with Meda Inc or Summit Hotel Subang USJ, please email me or post them in the comments column. I hope to receive more information from all other suppliers and contractors who have been cheated by this Group. Of course, it must be as true and factual as possible, please. Thank you semua.

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Wendy W. said...

To Inspector Gadget who wrote 2 comments.

Thank you for your comments. They will not be published here because they concern internal matters.

To answer your questions:

1) Regarding a gal who drive Hyundai, no I am not aware that. Neither does it have anything to do with me.

2) Regarding those individuals that you mention, it is also not my concern. Every company has its rules and regulations. Every company is also governed by rules and regulations. Business relationships also have rules and regulations. Your owners also come under those rules and regulations. You are obviously working for the owners. You should also know what they have done and not done.

Thank you.