Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Summit Hotel Subang USJ Fail To Pay Suppliers. Suppliers demand cash on delivery only.

Just went to Summit Hotel Subang USJ to check about payment. It's a waste of time. No payment.

Met some people I know. We had teh tarik and nasi lemak, and our conversation veered toward the hotel.

Summit Hotel Subang USJ is in very bad shape.

Suppliers have stopped supplying to the hotel because of many outstanding invoices. Important supplies such as food stuff and beverages have to be paid in cash, otherwise the supplies will not be delivered.

I remember not long ago, a bar manager told me that the hotel even ran out of beer at their pubs because they owed too much money to the beer suppliers. The waiter in the cafe told me some items on their menu are not available, because the ingredients are out of stock. The hotel failed to pay them.

I also met Frank, my former manager and ex-colleague, who just had lunch in the chinese restaurant. The fish was not fresh, the quality has dropped. According to Frank, the chef called Ah Ken (I never met him before) was a very good chef, very friendly to his customers, and the food was very good. But Ah Ken has left. The hotel has been cutting back on costs, buying frozen fish and cheaper ingredients. So the food standard has dropped drastically. This shows the quality (or lack of) of the management that they hire to run the hotel. Cutting back on this type of costs will surely make them lose more customers. Customers go there to eat their delicious food, not to look at the tablecloth. I think maybe they hired frozen brains to run this hotel.

I have more news for you in my next post.

Update on 10th Nov:
Just heard that the chinese restaurant (Fortune Court) which used to generate revenues of RM90K until early this year, is recently only collecting no more than RM30K per month. It may be a coincidence but recently they hired a new hotel manager to run the hotel. Heard that there were massive resignations of key staff when the new fellow took over. That's what happens when you hire a frozen brain to manage your company. The biggest frozen brain must be the owner who is also MD of the group.

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