Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Walking The Talk On Integrity

The Sunday issue (12 Nov 2006) of Sunday Star featured an article titled "Walking The Talk On Integrity".

Good timing.

This blog is largely about the integrity - the lack of integrity - of corporate people, namely the big shots at the publicly-listed Meda Inc Bhd.

So far, it's about Meda Inc because it's got one of the worst reputations. It's about Meda Inc, and Summit Hotel Subang USJ, because they promised my company prompt and hassle-free payment before we delivered our products and services. After that, they go back on their word.

In the article, Mustafar Ali, deputy president of Malaysian Institute of Integrity, talks about the need for integrity in our way of life. He talks about integrity in the police force, in government service, and among politicians.

Talking about politicians. Do you know that the eldest brother of Meda Inc Group MD Kenneth Teoh is Datuk Patrick Teoh? Datuk Patrick Teoh rubs shoulders with MCA politicians, I am told. Very often, the Summit Hotel Subang USJ have hosted functions and events with MCA bigshots. Is it because of their strong connection with MCA - being part of BN - that people such as Group Managing Director Kenneth Teoh freely indulge in questionable corporate activities, fraudulent deals and unethical practices without fear of prosecution? Don't tell me the MCA people are not aware of Meda Inc Bhd's poor reputation. Next time I will vote DAP, I promise you. It may not be MCA's fault, but they are also guilty by association. We need politicians of higher calibre and moral standards to run this country. Malaysia Boleh!

I have a suggestion for Mustafa Ali: for the next National Integrity Day, aim for Corporate Integrity, especially among PLCs. PLCs depend on public subscription of their shares to fund their business operations. But PLCs such as Meda Inc Bhd is abusing the system for their owners' gains at the expense of their shareholders and stakeholders. If possible, implement a ranking system for all PLCs on their integrity and payment track record for the public to see. This should be very effective in discouraging abuses and malpractices among PLCs. It is harsh but necessary, because you are dealing with cunning crooks here.

The creation of wealth starts with the corporation. Dirty corporations cheat small suppliers. Dirty corporations pay corrupt polticians to push their policies that benefit these corporations. Dirty corporations get away with breaking company laws because they have the money to pay corrupt officials. Dirty corporations use their money (belonging to suppliers!) to drag and delay expensive court cases until plaintiffs who dont have the financial muscle give up pursuing their lawsuits. Dirty corporations are the source of all corruption. Dirty chiefs of corporations are evil and must be jailed for a long long time so that they cannot corrupt and harm society. Dirty chiefs of corporations such as Meda Inc's Group MD damage Malaysia's international image.

Here is the article, in case you didn't read it. To download it to your computer, right click and select "Save Target As".

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