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COVA VILLA : Who wants to live next to a stinking sewage pond?

This is a repost of my essay in the other blog "COVA VILLA AT KOTA DAMANSARA" (Use the link on the right to go there).

Cova Villa - Can you believe this developer?

Think. If you yourself cannot tahan the fragrant smell of sewage in the air, do you think the students from SEGi college will want to rent your apartment to stay there?

COVA VILLA is built right next to an oxidation pond. It will become dirty, smelly and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other horrible insects. Yuks. To maintain the value of your property, and to ensure you get tenants to stay there, the pond must be well maintained and kept clean. You have to pay through your nose for the maintenance, and the developer will have to be very good at maintaining the place. But will they? What's their track record like?

For your own good, please check on the background of the developer. Do they maintain and manage their properties well? Check up on Summit Shopping Complex at Subang USJ. Talk to the shop owners and tenants there. Check on South City Plaza at Seri Kembangan also. Other properties can be found on my "MEDA INC BHD" blog (the link is on the right).

The developer PHARMA EXEL SDN BHD and ANDAMAN GROUP SDN BHD both belong to the same owners of MEDA INC BHD. To find out more about them, go here --> and

Here are some quotes from the 12 December 2005 report in The Star titled "Assemblyman, council endorse builder's new proposal":

"Mokhtar said the place was in reality a secondary jungle with the lake being dirty as it was contaminated by the nearby IWK sewage treatment facility. The developer will be upgrading the drains around the area to prevent effluent from IWK to seep into the lake," he said.

Can you trust the developer? Have you checked their track record? Your condo investment will depend on whether the developer actually upgrades the drains to prevent effluent from IWK to seep into the lake. But what about the treament facility? The smell will be in the air every day and every hour. There are other similar properties with smelly ponds like this. They have all gone down in value.

You can click on the jpeg below to read the Star report.

The Star report

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