Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are the Meda Inc Bhd bosses/owners trying to shut me up?

Now I have their attention!

On 22nd Nov, I received the following 2 comments from someone who calls himself /herself "Inspector Gadget":

Comment (1) "Inspector Gadget: Evidence suggests that XXX and YY, the 2 most senior heads have abuse their power many times and the owners will not hesitate to take actions against them. Are you aware of that?"

Comment (2) "Inspector Gadget: I won't need your approval to bring the relevant people to justice. Rumours said that this MD's has a girl who drive a H@@@@ ZZ####. Are you aware of that?"

In the above comments, I have substituted the initials of the individuals with XXX and YY and the car number with ZZ#### because I do not wish for any unknowing people to be wrongly accused or drawn into this issue.

I sent the comments to some of my close friends and asked what they thought of them. I checked with one of my Meda friends and I was reminded who those initials are. Now I remember them.

Yes, it seems that Inspector Gadget is probably someone who works closely with the owners of Meda Inc. Inspector Gadget said "owners" so he probably have Kenneth Teoh and brothers Teoh Seng Aun and Datuk Patrick Teoh in mind as well. (His brothers names can be found on the website). Who knows, Inspector Gadget could be one of the brothers who may have received an email about this blog from someone.

From the tone of comment (1), it seems that Inspector Gadget assumes that this blog is somehow connected to XXX and YY, otherwise why bring up these 2 names? That he mentions the taking of action against XXX and YY by the owners, it sounds like a threat. Is Inspector Gadget trying to hint that action against XXX and YY will be taken......unless I stop telling you what you don't know about Meda Inc?

I think that's the message Inspector Gadget is trying to send. This is further strengthened in his comment (2) where he mentions an MD's girl driving a car with that number plate. I'm not sure what he's trying to tell me, almost everybody has a boy or a girl sometime. Is this something unusual? Why the car brand and license plate number? Is Inspector Gadget trying to tell me that he knows something about this MD (who??), and that he might want to use it against this MD? So, if this MD and the other 2 individuals are involved in this blog, then they must stop it or that correct?

Inspector Gadget is just trying his luck. He may do better at Genting than over here.

Inspector Gadget does not know that I don't need any senior heads or whatever for me to set up this blog and put in the exposes here. A lot of the stuff that I have written, and stuff that I intend to write in the future, are already known to many people in the market. I just need to gather the facts from them.

I don't think Inspector Gadget understands just how many people who have left Meda Inc have the important information and facts that I can use. I suggest he count them over the years. Inspector Gadget also does not realise that even those still working there are only there for their next pay day and they can't wait to get out when another job comes along. They are only too happy to keep me updated on what's going on!

It's time Inspector Gadget wakes up and BE AWARE that people may be taking your monthly gaji but they are ashamed to work for a company with a rotten reputation.

Suppliers and contractors meet on a daily basis and they often share information with each other, despite being competitors. Every supplier's top concern is whether this customer has a good or bad payment record. Even Meda Inc Bhd customers - the tenants - talk bad about the company on a daily basis. I was at a hair salon at Summit complex 3 weeks ago and the boss lady said she regretted buying the unit and cursed the complex management.

Frankly speaking, even "friends" of Kenneth Teoh whisper about Meda Inc's poor payment and try not to do anything for him in case they end up with bad debts. What more can you expect of others?

It seems that bad payment reputation is a specialty of Meda Inc Bhd since long time ago, as if the owners/bosses truly enjoy their bad reputation. Maybe you can do that to others, but not everyone will let you get away with it. You may hear about this in the very near future.

If Inspector Gadget's intention is to silence me, I would like to thank him for his comments but I will not be silenced. (Unless you have settled all the outstanding bills). My friends in the media are waiting for this blog to get more juicy before they pick it up and write about it. We Malaysians love such stories, don't we? Let's see what the owners will say when their shares drop to 5 sen. Let's see what they will say when all the banks pull back their credit lines. (Some credit lines have already been stopped). And let's see what they will say when SC starts investigating.

Inspector Gadget should go back to his owners and help to them to recall that they also check into Summit hotel with numerous China & Malaysian women on many occasions - not their wives, of course. Inspector Gadget, I really do not want to spill these out because it's not my intention to break up the owners' families, but you started it. Maybe I should give a more detailed account? These will be more interesting than a girl driving a car.

Inspector Gadget should also know that if employees didn't do things right, action have to be taken against them. Why were they not taken? Is it because the real fault lies at the top (Kenneth Teoh and his brothers)? Is it because the real truth is that those at the top are actually the ones with too much dirt on their own hands? I am pretty sure that whatever the employees did or did not do had the tacit agreement or knowledge or approval or instruction of the owners. If not, then the top bosses/owners should not be collecting their fat monthly salaries and director fees because they have failed their duties. More likely, I think the employees could be doing what the owners themselves have been doing. A thief is always suspicious of other people stealing from him. The top man must bear the most responsibility for whatever good or bad that happens in the company. That's why his salary is so fat, right?

Whatever "action" and "justice" Inspector Gadget talks about, these would probably be so insignificant compared to the fraud, falsifying accounts, tax evasion, failure of directors' duties, victimisation, criminal breach of trust, misuse of funds, corruption, bribery, mismanagement and a host of other major offences that might have been committed at the highest level.

People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Are you aware of that?

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